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New generation media have new rule – Saturday Sunday off

They have fixed programs for Saturday Sunday, no breaking stories only as usual news with breaking news label.

Now a day’s media confined to celebrities only irrelevant to field. They make them god on one day second day he is nothing. They just use their popularity by praising them or basing them.

English media have news for only metros or semi metro cities, because their TRP only there. News for media like event they never follow the news, on one story they spend whole day and other day they have new event, if not they are master to create.

Now a day’s media is working on easy news, they don’t want to go in deep or search for truth, they only pickup an issue and make debate having different kind of opinions.

I want to urge them in some issues are related to persons, organizations, and army if they just investigate by proper channel they will find the truth and it is media’s prime duty to publish the truth not debating speculation or charge recrimination.

For example -Issue of CWG scam

Media can explore the documents from investigation agency and take one by one fraud, what is the item, what was supposed to do and what done, what is actual price of item what they spend on it. All things are easily available but they need time and good journalist not just anchors.